Angel Wings Doves white dove release service was established in 2007 as the premier source for white wedding doves, funeral doves, memorial doves and spirit doves for professional Ceremonial White Dove Releases in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington areas.

We specialize in providing you with the most memorable white doves for release as bride and groom doves and spirit doves.

Our spectacular full-service Ceremonial White Dove Releases are conducted with professionalism, care and attention to every detail.

White dove releases must be handled by professional service providers to ensure the white release doves are properly trained to fly home after they have been released at your wedding, funeral or special event.

You can be confident that after white doves are released at your wedding they will return to their home loft and nest.

If you release white doves at a funeral or memorial service they will fly back home to safety, care and food if they are properly trained by a professional white dove trainer.

You should never use pet-store white doves for a dove release.  These doves are not trained to return to any home, and cannot survive long when released to fly outdoors. Please do not attempt to do a white dove release using mail-order or pet store doves.